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Hundeschule BADEN Labradoodle
Hundeschule BADEN Franz. Bulldog bei der Theorie S
Hundeschule BADEN Hund und Katze S

seminar content

Hundeschule BADEN Theorieseminar Hotel Du Parc Baden

Puppy Development / Socialization / Normal Behaviors / Community

racial science

expressive behavior / communication

How do dogs learn

Classical and instrumental conditioning

reward and punishment

code of conduct

fear and phobias



Castration yes / no


Hundeschule BADEN Fr. Bulldog S
Hundeschule Aargau BADEN Hund beim Lerntheorie S
Hundeschule BADEN Labi, bedürfnisorientiertes Hundetraining
Hundeschule BADEN Berner Sennenhund S
Hundeschule Aargau BADEN Fr- Bulldog daniel-lincoln U.

Course Dates


CHF 300.00 per person including handout in German, English, French or Italian

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